05 Jul 2021

Santander Portugal chooses Celfocus digital signature solution

Santander Portugal has chosen the eSign solution by Celfocus, a Novabase Group company, to manage the entire digital signature process for its customers. The partnership between Santander Portugal and Celfocus began in 2019, and simplifying and computerizing banking processes are part of the bank's strategy of digital transformation.

Celfocus’ eSign solution centralizes all signature options in a single platform through a set of tools which address everything needed in this process, allowing signatures to be collected in real time with multiple signature options (including biometric, One-Time-Password, Citizen’s Card, Digital Mobile Key, USB Tokens, PKI and others), while also following all of the rules required for these types of operations.

Using this solution, Banco Santander Portugal will computerize the signing of documents, thereby making this entire process more streamlined, efficient, delocalized, and sustainable. As a result, this will reduce time and cut costs, simplifying, and optimizing processes, and offering customers more user-friendly and innovative services.

João Viana, Head of Processes and Automation at Santander Portugal, says “the eSign solution has allowed us to meet two major goals: a better experience for our customers, and lower operating costs involving the handling of paper. The solution has standardized signature procedures at the bank, regardless of the customer contact channel. Currently, we are extending eSign’s use to all of the bank’s processes.”

Gonçalo Lages de Carvalho, Head of Information Systems Development at Santander Portugal, says “by using the Celfocus eSign solution, we have taken key steps forward from two standpoints: first, in terms of technology, through the use of a technologically more advanced architecture with easy integration, and second, in terms of the user experience, with a simpler and more flexible signature process. Aligning these two aspects is a key contribution towards Santander Portugal’s technological and digital transformation.”

“The Celfocus eSign solution has been tested and incorporated into a number of the bank’s solutions by the Celfocus and Santander teams. Because of its success, this technology has been adopted on a widespread basis by the bank, and will gradually be used in all of its processes of collecting digital signatures for its applications”, says Rui Daniel Moita, Account Manager of Celfocus and the person in charge of deploying the solution at the bank.



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