12 Jul 2023

Celfocus and MATRIXX Software present AI solution for 5G monetization

Celfocus and MATRIXX Software, a North American company that is a global leader in 5G monetization solutions, have joined forces to launch a cutting-edge technological solution that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI). This strategic partnership results in an innovative product of great value for the universe of digital services, especially in the telecommunications sector.

The AI models, integrated by Celfocus, assume a crucial importance for the needs of the new lines of business of the telecommunication operators, increasing the efficiency and the reduction of operational costs, stimulating the growth of new revenue sources. This value results from the provision of service customization options to users, autonomy to their compulsive and individual needs.

Nevertheless, to take advantage of these benefits, it is essential that the solution presents a robust strategy for monetizing the services provided. It is precisely at this point that the collaboration between Celfocus and MATRIXX Software assumes a crucial role. The joint solution makes it possible to provide telecommunications operators with real-time knowledge about customer habits and preferences, with a hyper-personalized nature, on an easy-to-integrate platform with great operational efficiency.

"At MATRIXX, we know that digital consumers want transparency, accuracy and, perhaps most importantly, personalization from service providers. With MATRIXX, Celfocus makes the critical link between AI insight and monetization that telcos need to extract the benefits that AI can provide," said Jennifer Kyriakakis, Founder and CMO of MATRIXX Software. "Together, we are taking the role of AI in telecoms beyond the conceptual stage and into the real world with concrete results and benefits."

Celfocus is already in the process of incorporating this MATRIXX solution into its Artificial Intelligence offers, so that more customers can benefit from innovative services and providers can monetize these services in a fair and transparent way.

"Usage data in real time is one of the most relevant contributions to understand the customer behavior, but not always in a simple way. The solution developed by Celfocus now gains a new dimension with the real-time monetization of MATRIXX. The process becomes easier than ever", said Carla Penedo, Offer Development & Innovation Director at Celfocus. "Together, we created a complete solution that covers the entire customer lifecycle, creates better experiences and greater loyalty. We are raising the level of hyperpersonalization", she concludes.

The joint solution addresses several business usage scenarios that include, for example, providing customers with a rigorous forecast of expenses, offering them greater transparency on consumption and actual use of services. For telecommunications companies, the platform makes it possible to identify potential abandonment behaviors, recognize fraud patterns in real time, predict traffic and possible network congestion – allowing dynamically adapting the infrastructure capacity, to ensure the quality of the service.



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