14 Oct 2021

Celfocus advances with a hybrid work model

Measure announced today to the Novabase Group company’s more than 1,500 employees. Hybrid scheme based on an ‘Agile’ philosophy, with 60% of time allocated to remote work.

The Novabase Group company Celfocus has recently adopted a new hybrid work model allowing its more than 1,500 employees to work remotely 60% of the time. This measure is the company’s response to the challenges of the current workplace situation, and will help improve the balance between work and personal life.

“This new model, based on the assumption that the new normal is ‘Agile’ and flexible, applies to all of the company’s employees, and aims to benefit all of those who value the flexibility offered by remote work. Some employees and teams may choose to work in person several days per week, while others may prefer to alternate in-person weeks with remote work at certain times,” says Catarina Azevedo, Head of People at Celfocus. “Understanding people’s expectations in terms of this flexibility is a strategic imperative nowadays for companies, and a critical factor in attracting and retaining talent,” she concludes.

“During the lockdowns, we were able to learn from what worked well, and how to best capitalize on this new scheme. Today, we are much better prepared for this reality compared to one year and half ago, when we were forced to adapt quite suddenly,” underscores Catarina Azevedo.

The vast majority of Celfocus’ projects are for international customers in Europe and the Middle East, carried out from its offices in Lisbon, Porto, Newbury, Eindhoven and Dubai. “We have been accustomed to working remotely for quite some time,” she concludes.

With this way of working, the technology company expects each employee to choose their own most balanced way of reconciling their lifestyle with working on a team.

The hybrid model has been used by a number of companies in Portugal, as part of a trend accelerated by the challenges and opportunities imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The main news announced today by Celfocus involves the consolidation of this new flexible approach, since the company has worked on many of its projects remotely for quite some time.

Catarina Azevedo


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