08 Nov 2021

Neotalent launches “Move My Talent” internal mobility program

Neotalent, the Novabase Group company specializing in finding and matching talent in information technologies, recently announced the launch of its internal mobility program, Move My Talent, in a clear internal focus on retaining talent. The initiative, which started in October, will be available to employees who have been with the company for more than 18 months, and will create new career and professional development opportunities for all of those interested.

By focusing on cooperation between various business teams, Neotalent has been able to prepare its professionals to perform different functions in its vast customer portfolio. The recently announced Move My Talent program is an opportunity for employees to empower their own growth and experience new professional challenges within the organization.

The challenge has been put forward, and all eligible employees may apply for the program, which includes personalized assistance from a dedicated multidisciplinary team. After an internal evaluation process, a path for training or project transition is determined together with each employee within a maximum of six months.

Marta Vicente, Head of People at Neotalent, says that “People are our greatest asset, and at a time when the shortage in talent is an increasingly more common issue for all companies, it is up to us to find ways to retain our employees and keep them motivated. With the Move My Talent program, we want to enhance the potential of the people we work with, while also giving them the ability to build their skills through other projects in which they may have interest, curiosity and professional growth.

After a pilot version of the program tested in recent months, Move My Talent has now been extended to the entire Neotalent community. This new internal initiative’s resonance with customers and positive feedback from the employees involved in the original version were two decisive factors in its launch.

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