09 Mar 2023

Celfocus onboarding moves forward with Academies program

The Celfocus Plugin program now has an experiential integration bootcamp for recent graduates. Around two dozen recent graduates will join the five-day boot camp to be held next week; Investment by Celfocus to connect with universities and polytechnic institutes is aimed at attracting youth at the start of their career, and helping them to grow, in an area where the search for the best talent continues to be a challenge.

The Celfocus Academy, a program for selecting and developing talent among students graduating from universities, will be joined by around two dozen recent graduates this March. The bootcamp, which is one part of the company’s “Plugin” onboarding program, will be held from 13-18 March in Santarém, and will give this young talent the knowledge and tools needed to begin a successful career at Celfocus. During the Celfocus Academy, people with different experience levels from all areas of the company will be mobilized for this bootcamp, sharing experiences and knowledge, a decisive factor in integrating these young people quickly and successfully.

Pedro Crespo, in charge of the Celfocus Academy, says that ”this bootcamp for recent graduates is part of our onboarding process – the Plugin program - which is aimed at all new Celfocus employees in order to give them the best possible integration experience. Knowing that transitioning from the academic world to the business world is a major milestone in one’s professional career, Celfocus pays particular attention to this moment through the Celfocus Academy. Every young professional comes with great expectations about how to join multidisciplinary teams and work on challenging, innovative projects with an international scope. It is essential to direct their energy and creativity so that they can achieve their ambitions. This is how our talent onboarding program connects the ‘experience’ with the new ideas and courage so common to those graduating from universities. Also at Celfocus – from the very outset, and regardless of their experience – all new employees are included in a multi-annual plan for building technical and personal skills, called “LearnIn”, to prepare each person at Celfocus for success in their activities and projects.

In this way, Celfocus takes yet another step in creating value for its people. The company plans to hold several editions of the Academy throughout 2023. With a long track record of proximity with universities and polytechnic institutes, through strategic partnerships and countless joint initiatives throughout the entire country, the technology company has had a steady stream of roadshows and training over the years, bridging the gap between the academic community and the company.

Celfocus Academy


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