26 May 2021

Digital Home Loans from Bankinter by Celfocus

Digital Home Loans from Bankinter by Celfocus

Bankinter has chosen the Novabase Group company Celfocus to deploy a pioneer digital home loan solution. The new solution, part of the bank’s digital transformation strategy, streamlines the process of taking out a home loan, offering a better experience to the bank’s customers who use this type of financing.

With this solution, Bankinter customers can complete the entire home loan procedure with no need to visit one of the bank’s branches, with in-person contact limited to the day of signing the title. With the name crédito habit@ção_digital, the solution is available at Bankinter’s website and includes all of the steps needed to apply for a home loan, including the application’s personal authentication and digital signature, among others.

From an operational standpoint, the new solution will simplify internal processes at the bank, as well as cut the administrative workload of the branch network. This pioneer solution also strengthens Bankinter's position in the home loan market, by once again offering its customers ways to do their bank transactions faster and more conveniently.

Vítor Pereira, Product, CRM, Marketing and Digital Channel Manager and member of the Bankinter Executive Committee in Portugal, says that “this is an extremely important step in Bankinter’s digital transformation strategy which will keep us on the cutting edge of everything involving home loans. This innovative platform facilitates customer access to our solutions and reinforces Bankinter’s benchmark position in an area so important to the lives of families as home loans”.

“The solution deployed by Celfocus contributes towards the process of transformation and digital proximity of our partner Bankinter with its customers. The digitalization of banking processes is a direct response to customers’ expectations of having user-friendly access to services, products and processes – such as home loans – when and

where they want, with no limitations. We believe in the benefits of digital transformation in users’ lives,” says Jamie Pierre Bridel, in charge of Celfocus.

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