03 Feb 2023

Celfocus recognized as best “Employer Brand” company

Celfocus recently received the Teamlyzer award in “Employer Brand”, one of the seven areas analysed by the online IT company review platform, which announced the winners of the fourth edition of the “Best Technology Companies to Work at in Portugal” awards.

Teamlyzer awards distinguish Celfocus in the area of “Employer Brand”. 3,400 companies took part in the initiative’s fourth edition. Celfocus is on the shortlist of the 22 best IT employers in Portugal.

The Teamlyzer awards are given based on the opinions of IT professionals registered at the platform, with any company eligible for the ranking once it receives 25 comments in a period of one year. Seven categories are evaluated, and the overall average of the final list of winners is calculated, to determine the top ranking. The fourth edition of this initiative included 3,246 opinions and more than 3,400 competing companies, for a final selection of 22 companies.

According to Sónia Vasconcelos, head of People at Celfocus, “this recognition reflects the success of the different practices and initiatives in which we invest daily in all phases of the relationship with candidates and employees. The graduate program, with universities, the onboarding processes, our school, the projects and technologies we work with, are excellent opportunities for development and growth, which distinguish us. The Teamlyzer Award, voted by IT professionals, makes us very proud and motivated to continue investing in practices that leave good marks on those who pass by.”

As for Dídia Gabriel, head of Communication at Celfocus, “This award also represents enormous pride for the challenge of keeping people connected to our brand and to each other, considering the current context of hybrid work. It is increasingly important to carry out effective and impactful communication, at every moment of people's life cycle, through moments of sharing, celebration, and team building, which strengthen the pride of belonging to Celfocus”.

Celfocus is currently pursuing an ambitious growth strategy aimed at developing solutions based on a new generation emerging technologies that address the challenges of the company’s different projects and customers.



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