08 Feb 2022

Neotalent launches second edition of “Refer a Talent” initiative

After the first edition in 2020, the program dedicated to attracting IT talent is again open to the public; Anyone who recommends a new hire will receive a gift card of up to €1,000, twice the amount of the first edition.

Neotalent, the Novabase Group company dedicated to recruiting and matching talent in Information Technologies (IT), recently launched the second edition of its “Refer a Talent” referral program. After its debut in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic, the initiative is once again open to the public, this time with twice the award of the first edition. Referrals for IT professionals can be submitted via the Neotalent website.

The initiative’s goal is to attract even more new talent for job opportunities in technology, and allows anyone to refer friends or co-workers with technical and/or functional profiles tied to this area. If the referral is hired, after a three-month onboarding period, the referrer will receive a gift card of €1,000 (one thousand euros), twice the amount of the first edition.

Since the program’s launch in 2020, Neotalent has received more than 100 applications for the external program (“Refer a Talent”) and 405 for the Neotalent community’s equivalent program (“Refer a Friend”). In this second edition of the “Refer a Talent” program, the company hopes to double its number of applications.

How can I participate in “Refer a Talent”?

After identifying one or more professional friends or co-workers who are interested, and whose profile matches Neotalent's needs, the referrer should share his/her CV using the form at the initiative’s website, or by emailing refer.talent@neotalent.pt directly. At the end of this phase, all participants will be notified of their application’s status and progress. In order to accept the proposal, the person referred cannot have had contact with Neotalent in the past six months, nor be an existing partner or customer of the company.

Applicants can belong to any Novabase Group company. Referrals will be valid for domestic and/or international projects based in Portugal, as well as for Spain, where Neotalent has a permanent team. This edition of the program will run through the end of 2022.

“Most of us have heard someone say ‘I know someone who would be ideal for this job’. Based on this idea, we believe we can make a difference in identifying and recruiting the right talent for the right challenge, so as to more easily and effectively find people who fit the more than 250 opportunities we currently have open,” says Susana Correia, Head of Talent Acquisition at Neotalent. “It is becoming increasingly more important for organizations to have proximity to people, as well as reinvent themselves in terms of their strategies for recruiting and retaining talent. In the wake of the success of the ‘Refer a Talent’ program’s first edition, we have decided to reopen the doors to this initiative, and to reward spontaneous referrals even more, in our search for the right skills to address our customers’ technology challenges.”

The “Refer a Talent” program is a supplementary solution to the strategy of reversing the current shortage in technology talent and finding top applicants, with relevant experience in the area, who are not always proactively seeking a job. The initiative serves as a referral program for friends and co-workers, by rewarding new talent matching recruitment needs for the domestic and international projects of Neotalent's customers.



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