Risk Policy

Risk Policy

Novabase S.G.P.S., S.A.

Novabase works in the information technology and digitalization market. This sector is characterized by the dynamics of constant transformation, innovation and agility. As such, quick decision-making and execution become a critical success factor. The risk management policy is of vital importance in running and developing a business which has historically had a higher risk appetite profile.

Novabase’s goal is to follow the sector’s best international practices. For us, the risk policy is a cornerstone for guiding strategies and determining measures to be taken in extreme cases. The risk management system should be a tool for leveraging a more rigorous analysis of business risks and for supporting the decision-making process.

The risk policy is based on the following fundamental principles:

  • We do not fear a higher risk appetite, since this is intrinsically necessary in such a dynamic and disruptive sector;
  • Our goal is not to avoid every risk, but instead to identify and manage risks, since we believe they can be an opportunity for creating value, when properly compensated;
  • We do not manage risk differently from everything else, since we consider risk a key inseparable part of our business;
  • We delegate risk management by disseminating this responsibility to the most appropriate areas, since we prioritize the independence of individuals and teams;
  • Everyone plays a part in risk management, which is not a mission exclusively for managers;
  • We focus more on a solid risk management culture than on mere processes, since we aim to constantly promote attention and flexible discussion with regard to risks.

These principles are reviewed regularly to ensure they are suited to the company’s specific circumstances.

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