Carmo Palma

We give utility companies the expertise and agility to compete in a rapidly changing industry

Carmo Palma
Utilities Services Managing Director

Welcome to the smart energy age

Digital transformation offers utility companies a unique opportunity to drive efficiency and innovation, from supply chain to consumption.

Focus on the customer

Competing against market entrants and online apps will mean putting design, agility and people at the heart of the experience. The future will be about connecting services seamlessly, simplifying processes and continually enhancing customers’ lives.

Harness the power of data

Giving easy access to real-time data and analytics will transform decision-making. Put the right digital tools in people’s hands and they will be able to manage everything better – from home energy usage to power station output.

“Success will come from the ability to scale up innovations quickly”

Carmo Palma

Realise the potential of automation

Smart homes. Connected buildings. Intelligent network management. Automation and AI will soon replace manual tasks, whether it’s heating homes efficiently, monitoring plant equipment or processing back-office billing.

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