Truly connect your transport network


Get people moving with seamless, contactless travel across all major modes of transport.

Better integrated cities are better for everyone

Increasing urbanisation and rising emissions requires innovative thinking. Zast smart ticketing helps make your travel network more efficient, co-ordinated and safer, while increasing customer satisfaction.

Joined up thinking. Joined up journeys.

Zast is a cloud-based app that integrates seamlessly with existing ticketing systems. Give people the freedom to travel by train, tube, tram, bus or boat using just the smartphone in their pocket.

Zast home screen

Convenience comes as standard

From shopping to banking, people expect life to fit around them. Zast finds the best fare based on each operator’s business rules and debits money instantly with no need for ticket queues.

Zast allows users to plan their journey Zast allows users to pay for their travel Zast allows users to feedback to transport providers

Open doors to more

Zast automatically validates digital tickets and opens gates helping to relieve rush-hour crowds or pinch points. Zast can even combine entry to museum, entertainment or sporting events to open up new business models.

Improved transport intelligence

Use collected data for deeper insight into passenger movements. Forecast service spikes and improve transport routes. Zast helps you to design an efficient transport network ready for your city’s future challenges.

Zast allows for validation of tickets

How Zast can help you

Transport operators

Benefit from lower costs for physical hardware and maintenance. Increase customer satisfaction and open new revenue streams.


Plan journeys across the whole network. Pay the lowest price. Travel without queues or scanning cards – all using a smartphone.

Policy and administration

Simple products, lower prices and easy digital access help improve customer satisfaction and increase network capacity.

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