Carmo Palma

From digital ticketing to real-time planning, we connect cities and empower customers

Carmo Palma
Transport Services Managing Director

Welcome to faster city commuting

Growing populations and disruptive sharing models mean transport providers need to keep people, networks and cities moving seamlessly.

The future is smarter

Contactless ticketing, smart motorways and other intelligent solutions show how technology can deliver happier, faster travel. The next challenge is how to integrate networks, join up transport modes and meet customer demand for easier, more affordable transport options.

“Digital technology will transform how we choose, pay and switch between transport modes”

Carmo Palma

Open data will benefit everyone

Data sharing is opening up new ways of thinking for passengers and planners. Commuters with real-time information can choose alternative routes. Analysis of passenger movements will help forecast service spikes, improve network efficiency and shape infrastructure budgets.

Constantly re-invent the idea of travel

The future of transport is both uncertain and exciting. Private companies and public organisations will need expertise and agility to capitalise on emerging automation technologies, whether it’s driverless cars or managing network capacity during peak times.

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