Save time, reduce errors and produce better data

From statistics office to field logistics, our services streamline your operations to meet standards, budgets and timelines.

How we take a snapshot of a nation

We offer a full end-to-end solution, or can partner with you to integrate individual services with your census operations.

Strategy and planning

There’s only one chance to get things right. Our strategy evaluates the use of the latest technologies and maps out how to deliver your time-critical census successfully with the highest integrity.

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Survey design

Questionnaire development is crucial for reducing statistical errors and driving efficiency. Our services include:

  • question design to meet United Nations regulatory standards
  • optimising layouts for human usability and electronic data capture
  • tagging unique IDs to support distribution, logistics and tracking
  • developing data dictionaries to help clarity and consistency

Data capture and collection

Our services help census workers to capture data accurately while giving you greater control, efficiency and transparency over your operations. Multi-channel data capture and the use of GPS can help you oversee fieldwork in real-time. We also offer digital dashboards to track the distribution and return of materials, so you can monitor batches coming in or going out.

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Automated data processing

Outsourcing data processing makes sense for business and operational reasons.

By using automated scanning we can reduce manual errors and input costs – processing high volumes accurately and quickly.

Use of our SPQ survey processing system in Portugal (2011) and Mozambique (2017) has delivered high quality data in a faster time than traditional processing methods.

Quality assurance

Once your data is collected and processed, we can help you to set up secure ways to store, validate and code the census data. We also provide quality assurance throughout the whole process including:

  • rehearsal tests to check everything works end to end
  • evaluation of field quality and cover during operations
  • sample quality control surveys to determine statistical variation

Support and reporting

Our project management and consulting services help you to carry out your census successfully – from selecting and deploying technology to staff training and on-site technical support.

We also provide reporting dashboards to help you make the most of the early release of quality data. You can easily disseminate key information to decision-makers for public policy, infrastructure and investment.

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