Counting the population is hard. We design every detail so it’s easy.


Novabase provides tailored census solutions that deliver data with speed, accuracy and integrity

Expertise, wherever it’s needed

We carefully design and test every detail, ensuring your census runs smoothly at every step.

Our services integrate with yours whether you want an end-to-end solution or individual expertise in logistics, processing or quality assurance.

Designed to international standards

From survey questions to following the Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM), we design, evaluate and oversee operations to meet United Nations standards. You can be sure of the integrity of your census dataset.

Census software gives you reliability and confidence

Reliably quick and accurate

Huge scale data collection raises complex challenges. We use the latest technology, such as multi-channel capture, automated processing and real-time oversight of field operations, to ensure timely, quality data at every point.

Work smarter. Save more.

We offer a suite of apps to help optimise the way you work. From questionnaire processing to management dashboards, you can gain greater control and transparency while saving on time and operational costs.

Be better decision-makers

Share results with policy makers, analysts or practitioners in no time. Our reporting tools mean you can disseminate high quality data, at preliminary or final stages, to help quick decision-making at a political, economic and social level.

Census storing questions

How Novabase digitised Portugal’s census operations in 2011

Paulo Moreira

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Paulo Moreira


Trust Novabase to deliver

We have experience conducting census operations around the world.

20 years’ experience designing and delivering census operations, including Portugal (2001 and 2011) and Mozambique (2017)

Track record using the latest technologies including digitising 50% of data capture in Portugal (2011)

Proven to deliver on budget and time: the preliminary results in Portugal (2011) were released 3 months ahead of schedule