Carmo Palma

The era of huge IT projects is over. Real value comes from agile methods, new technologies and design

Carmo Palma
Public Sector Services Managing Director

Welcome to smooth running public services

Faced with budget controls, complex legacy IT and department silos, governments need to embrace digital to drive efficiency and improve service levels.

Digital first. People first.

Public sector organisations must move beyond a patchwork approach to digital and rethink end-to-end relationships with citizens. Change will be hard but the rewards in cost-savings, user satisfaction and a better working government will be worth it.

“Investing in digital services will deliver measurable returns to taxpayers in the long run”

Carmo Palma

Better data improves decision-making

Integrating legacy IT systems is a real challenge across government. Opening up and extracting meaning from datasets, using APIs and digital tools, will help to prioritise policy areas, identify risks and focus improvements where people need it most.

Be an early adopter of new innovations

Emerging technologies will revolutionise the efficiency and transparency of public services. Machine learning will replace manual back-office operations, improving speed and accuracy. Blockchain has the potential to reimagine citizen-state relationships for all kinds of transaction, from proving identity to registering property.

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