The smarter and collaborative way to manage your hospital’s performance

Data analytics, benchmarking, budgeting and planning tools at your fingertips.

Access anywhere

Get valuable insight wherever you are, in and out of the office. Healthcare Insight has been designed to work across tablet, laptop and desktop – all you need is web access.

Healthcare Insight

Smart interface, easy visualisation

Healthcare Insight brings together all your data on one screen, helping you to make sense of what’s important. Monitor performance at a glance using a visually rich and intuitive interface.

Healthcare Insight is designed to be easy to use and intuitive

Transparent targets

Data is easily accessible so everyone can understand why decisions are made. Get your teams focused on better results by setting global and individual targets.

Healthcare Insight allows you to integrate with many services

Integrated data

Healthcare Insight unifies data from multiple sources so you can track performance in different ways using one comprehensive view of what’s relevant to you (clinical, resources, quality, financials and demographics).

Performance benchmarking

Use internal, national or commissioning group benchmarks to understand your performance, where it could be improved and how you’re doing against year-on-year results.

Advanced reporting and forecasting

Simplify your management control and planning processes. With Healthcare Insight you can generate and share reports internally or externally. Forecasting tools help you estimate and prepare planning cycles in a faster, more efficient way.

Healthcare Insight allows you to set notifications

Customised KPIs, instant alerts

Set up alerts and instant notifications for the information you need to know urgently. Choose the individual KPIs you want to follow and select the way you want to be notified.

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