Make data your organisation’s life support

Healthcare Insight

Improve outcomes for hospitals, clinical staff and patients using Healthcare Insight.

Business. Critical. Information.

Understand how to use your resources more effectively. Track hourly performance, from regional trusts right down to the ward, using dashboards and reports delivered directly to you.

Healthcare Insight provides business critical information

Work efficiently, together

Set shared targets. See the same figures. Make decisions that make sense for your finances, people and patients. Show how you can deliver results and efficiency, and boost your organisation’s reputation.

Deliver value – exactly where it’s needed

Access detailed analysis on costs, clinical service patterns and benchmark practices. Deploy your valuable funds, staff and supplies based on the latest clinical and operational data.

Healthcare Insight provides excellent benchmarking tools

Easy, big data

Minimise your IT infrastructure, support and security costs by serving up the data you need direct from the cloud.

How Healthcare Insight can help you

Hospital management

Performance tracking and benchmarking helps you to identify cost- savings while improving overall levels of patient care.

Clinical staff

Analysis of individual departments helps you to report accurately what’s needed for equipment, staffing and treatment outcomes.

Policy and administration

Monitoring KPIs and data across national and regional hospitals leads to better and quicker forecasting, budgeting and commissioning.

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Hugo Dionisio

Healthcare Insight

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Healthcare Insight is enabled by Novabase, a global consultancy with:

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