Carmo Palma

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Carmo Palma
Healthcare Services Managing Director

Welcome to shorter waiting times

Faced with ageing populations and budget pressures, digital technology offers new ways to control costs and help people stay healthy.

Better connected patients and professionals

Digital transformation will change how people and devices connect together. Video appointments. Wireless heart monitors. Collaborative staff tools. Smarter, mobile access to health information will lead to better treatment outcomes no matter where people are located.

“Digital tools will revolutionise how people manage healthcare choices”

Carmo Palma

Data-driven performance and efficiency

Making sense of big data has a huge potential to focus resources, save costs and cut waiting times – but will depend on sharing information quickly, accurately and securely. Providers will need suppliers to help them create user-centred experiences that integrate seamlessly with critical data sources.

Robotics and the future of intelligence

From surgical robots and bionic limbs to smart hospitals and pandemic predictions, AI will play an ever-growing role in the healthcare landscape. Its use to identify risks, provide preventative treatment and highlight future trends will keep us all living longer and healthier.

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