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Case studies

Banco Millennium Atlântico

Atlântico challenged Novabase to create a new fully digital account opening experience for a new branch which would be more engaging for customers and increase efficiency.

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White papers

BUSINESS IT COOPERATION: Driving transformation

Understand how cooperation and co-creation are key aspects for business and digital transformation and how cooperation models impact digital transformation

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Why it is so important to design business strategies around customers? Read this white paper to understand the main obstacles for customer centric relationships and the options to become achieve customer centricity.

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DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: One journey at a time

Transformation projects take place because organizations consider them critical to continue evolving and adapting to a very changing environment and dynamic ecosystem. If we continue to apply the same recipe, based on a systems driven approach, the outcome will remain the same.

What if there was another way?

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DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Two roads to digital transformation

Digital transformation is currently running very-high on every executive’s agenda. Beyond the hype and pretty apps, what does it take to transform your business to focus on customer experience? This paper aims to provide an insight into the ultimate goals of digital transformation, possible routes to achieve them and the threats existing businesses may face.

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True omnichannel

Real disruptive change will only come from a change on the fundamentals of an industry. As we have seen in many industries, including music, software distribution, transportation, travelling and lodging; true disruption comes from investing in customer relationships. Companies that are able to control and foster a lasting relationship with their customers by addressing what they expect are the ones that will thrive on disruption.

Omnichannel’s role is to provide the tools for traditional companies to compete and reinvent themselves.

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