Total digital transformation for traditional banking

Combine core banking and fintech features into one omnichannel experience.

Wizzio allows you to create user experiences

Agile journey design

Bring your business and IT teams together to design end-to-end customer journeys. Visualise interactions with business rules. Plan how customers can begin, pause, and continue across channels and devices. Achieve your strategic goals by creating simple, business processes that everyone can get behind.

Dynamic rules engine

Create and easily manage one separate library of business rules, such as security and compliance validation. Apply the rules engine wherever it’s needed across systems, services and journeys. Reduce operational complexity, react fast to customers and be confident you meet regulatory requirements.

Unified 360º customer view

Give your whole organisation the same intelligent interface and consolidated view of customer data. Empower branch, back-office, call centre and internal channel teams to work smarter, share contextual data and offer a seamless experience across different touchpoints.

Unified 360º customer view

Open API integration

Easily plug-in APIs, connect to third-party systems and share data effortlessly. Offer the best experience for your customers within your eco-system. Take advantage of partnership opportunities within the sharing economy, even join up with the latest fintech market entrants.

Pre-built best practice

Wizzio® comes with a set of best practice journeys for onboarding, lost wallet, personal loans and mortgages. Use as pre-built solutions or modify to your needs. Simply add business rules and start to deliver meaningful transformation quickly and cost-effectively, straight out of the box.

Wizzio comes with pre-built user journeys

Customisable pattern library

Help your teams to design and build customer experiences quickly and easily. Wizzio® has a library of reusable modules and components to use as journey templates or to customise as modules tailored to your own business needs.

Contextual business data

Overcome data silo challenges by using the pre-built business entities library. Get a single view of customer data that can be used across different journeys. Build up a comprehensive picture of each customer and how they interact with your business.

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Plug and play features

Wizzio® helps your business to make the most of the latest technology as you need it. Integrate face recognition or smartcard reading for quick validation. Introduce digital signatures for customer verification. Or simplify processes using innovations such as optical character recognition (OCR).

Smart reporting and analytics

Easily keep track of customer journeys using the interactive dashboards. Visualise data. Generate reports. Test and refine metrics to improve performance. Set up push notifications based on business logic and user data so you can move fast and maximise every interaction with your customers.

Easy integration and development

Wizzio® is a scalable solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing core architecture and back-end systems. Benefit from automated tools and collaborative environments to help programmers work together efficiently in a standardised way. Everything is geared towards giving you the speed and flexibility to adapt and grow.

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