Create the future banking today’s customers expect


Give your business the freedom and flexibility to move as fast as a fintech.

Be a disruptor, not a follower

In an age of rapid change, re-skinning existing services won’t get you ahead. With Wizzio® you can transform core banking systems, simplify business processes and create innovative digital experiences that outperform any challenger bank or fintech start-up.

Smash the corporate silos

Today’s customers expect the best, across every department, device and channel. Wizzio® helps your organisation to design, visualise and analyse journeys through one unified view of the customer, bringing together business and IT to focus on delivering your digital strategy.

Design for people not processes

Wizzio® gives you the agility to create engaging customer-facing experiences on top of legacy systems. Apply your existing business rules to out-of-the-box journeys for onboarding, lost wallet, loans and mortgages. Or create your own custom solutions to meet changing customer behaviours, business goals and new product lines.

Wizzio helps you set goals

Real speed wins market share

Seamlessly integrate security and compliance logic into the customer journey and speed up internal processes and time to market. Drive sales and increase share of wallet across wealth management, retail and business banking products.

7,000 x faster

From 5 days to 1 minute to approve a new commercial bank loan

300 x faster

From 2 days to 5 minutes to open a new day-to-day account

20 x more

20 times more customer touchpoints per year

Open up the ecosystem

Future brand loyalty will grow ever more fickle. Easily connect to open APIs and offer your customers the best apps, tools and services from the sharing economy. Offer personalised access to your ecosystem any time, anywhere, on any device. Build long-lasting relationships that deliver lifetime value to your business.

Wizzio allows you to understand customers

Be smart with data

Make data-driven decisions like the most innovative fintech. Wizzio® gives you consolidated, transparent customer data, interactive dashboards and real-time reporting and analytics tools. Quickly find intelligent ways to maximise customer interactions and optimise your business processes.

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How Wizzio helps your organisation

IT systems

Wizzio® is a scalable platform that integrates seamlessly with existing architecture. Gain greater control of processes, gracefully sunset legacy software and plug in innovations such as optical character recognition (OCR).

Security and compliance

Streamline legal and regulatory validation of processes and documents. Wizzio® has security and compliance features built-in including audit trails, eIDAS, and customisable anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) rules.

Business process

Wizzio® uses reusable design components so you can streamline and standardise processes across the business. Analyse how to replace core components. Automate back-office tasks. Model and modify journeys so everything works together smoothly and quickly.

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Driven by technology, design and business knowledge, we have over 30 years of know-how serving the financial sector.

  • Wizzio® - winner of the IBM Innovation Partner Award in 2014
  • 8 years of experience delivering results with specialised finance solutions
  • 40 countries, 4 continents and 9 time zones where our products make a difference every day