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AI-powered analytics, efficient reporting and timely 
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Enterprise-wide reporting

Symetria® improves collaboration and control by giving your organisation an enterprise-wide view of the reporting cycle and its underlying data. Give your credit, compliance and risk teams the same transparent view of the numbers, with audit-trails and enhanced analytical capabilities to extract valuable insight.

One data feed. Multiple reports.

Symetria® aggregates multiple business data sources into one repository based on a Common Data Model. With information organised around the regulatory reporting frameworks of national and central banks, you can draw from a reliable source of compliance data when you need it.

Symetria dashboard

Tailored workflow tracking

Always keep track of your processes and tasks using powerful workflow capabilities and proactive insights. You can access up-to-date and relevant information tailored to your specific needs and role – no matter whether you’re a reporter, analyst, approver or manager.

Ask Symetria

Symetria® allows you to explore data from multiple sources using everyday language. Just enter queries in a search box to analyse business data and get instant visual answers. The platform interprets your queries using natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) to return the most relevant answer.

Smart data visualisation

Don't waste time creating charts. Symetria® instantly visualises results from the data. You also have the freedom to change things to suit your reporting, presentation or communication needs.

Symetria dashboard

Instant notifications

Set up alerts for regulatory reporting events so Symetria® can notify you when a trigger point is reached. Get alerts via email or desktop and take action quickly to harness the power of your system to produce accurate, compliant regulatory reports.

Centralised regulatory calendars

Symetria® integrates regulatory calendars so you can proactively manage risk by seeing what’s coming next. Synchronise your reporting lifecycles with the regulatory demands across multiple jurisdictions.

Eliminate errors in your data and reporting

Symetria® uses AI-powered anomaly detection on time-series data to highlight potential errors and duplications.

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