Streamline your regulatory intelligence


Seamlessly produce regulatory reports so you can save time on compliance and spend more on growing your business

Timely reporting made simple

When regulations change fast, you need to adapt quickly and efficiently. Symetria® intelligently integrates data sources so you can provide timely, transparent information to regulators across multiple jurisdictions.

Master the regulatory lifecycle

Proactive framework updates. AI-powered analytics. Strong validation and reconciliation. Symetria® lets you tailor and scale things rapidly as the regulatory demands of your business evolve.

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Easily move your reporting methods to a cloud-based, enterprise solution that doesn’t need heavy IT investment.

Help your business to meet complex national and international regulatory requirements without unnecessary data duplication and errors.

Financial organisations

Improve reporting and speed up compliance with new regulations while reducing your spend on IT infrastructure.

Take better control of the entire reporting value chain by using centralised data to make better business decisions.

Multiple regulations.
 One source of quality.

Symetria® centralises your relevant business data into one single repository. With flexible reporting set-up and a clean, source of in-depth data, you can easily deal with multiple regulatory frameworks simultaneously.

Proactively manage risk

Take better control of operational risk using advanced analytics and cognitive powered modules. Symetria® lets you integrate regulatory calendars so you have insight into the compliance demands coming next.

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Best in class, in 3 months

Easy, seamless integration with existing processes and IT systems means Symetria® can deliver results back to the business within 3 months. Everything is modular so you can install, configure and upgrade without interruptions to your service.

Ready for future regulatory challenges

Pipelines and validations. Data lineage and drill-back functions. Implement the Symetria® regulatory framework and you will have analysis and insight at your fingertips to answer any potential future regulator enquiries.

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How Symetria helps your business

Data you can trust

Easy data integration with core systems, coupled with a flexible validation engine, means you can trust Symetria® to meet regulator demands for relevant and accurate reporting.

Enhanced control

Symetria® proactively manages the entire reporting workflow using centralised regulatory calendars, ensuring you will never miss a reporting deadline again.

Reduced costs

Better usability, automation and centralised operations help boost productivity, reduce errors and the chance of regulatory fines. All with a lower investment to support your regulatory duties.

Compliance assurance

Keep up with regulator requirements. Symetria® offers new or updated frameworks as part of routine upgrades, so you can report quickly and effectively to meet changing reporting standards.

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