Transforming valuation, accounting and reporting

Powerful tools and accurate data all in one place, and accessible from anywhere

Customised control

Rely on the most up-to-date, accurate figures for your assets under management. Easily implement changes to valuation rules, taxes, accounting or compliance across markets and sectors. You’ll always know where you stand and when to act.

Binfolio integrations with services such as Bloomberg

Integrated data feeds

Enrich your back-office calculations with the latest market data. Binfolio® provides automatic access to industry-leading inputs such as Bloomberg, or gives you the flexibility to integrate your own data sources.

Automated uploads

Binfolio® automates time-consuming processes and workflows, such as batch spreadsheet uploads and regulatory rule changes. Save valuable back-office time, streamline your operations and reduce the risk of manual errors.

Reports and alerts

Customise reports for different business needs. Know your current position in the market or run-off scheduled reports for back-office tasks. You can set up alerts, via desktop or email, to forewarn of compliance risks or missing information.

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Analytics modelling

You can set the rules for valuation, taxes, accounting and compliance. Easily analyse and track performance across different funds and portfolios, and improve decision-making across the organisation.

Visual dashboards

See key data at a glance. Make the most of interactive charts, smart dashboards and contextual insights. Everything has been designed so it’s simple and intuitive to use. You can even configure individual user profiles so the right information is seen at the right time.

Easy deployment

Binfolio® is easy to install, integrate and maintain. New software versions are hosted in the cloud so it’s simple to update automatically as new features are added. It’s a scalable, all-in-one solution so you keep your total cost of ownership at a minimum.

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