The smarter asset management solution


Manage risks, streamline reporting, and make your back-office more efficient, reliable and secure

Work together as one

Meet today’s market challenges with speed and intelligence.

Binfolio® transforms valuation, accounting and reporting processes so your middle and back-office teams can work smarter, manage risk and focus on generating higher returns.

Control things your way

Binfolio® is fully flexible to fit your organisation.

Add business rules to ensure compliance. Integrate feeds from Bloomberg or your own data sources. Everything is customisable across assets, markets, taxes and more to suit your business model.

Binfolio integrations

Keep on top of the market

Understand how the money moves and know your market position

Binfolio® aggregates all your asset data in one place and provides powerful tools to visualise performance, access real-time data, model outcomes and generate reports.

High efficiency, low risk

Streamline operations by automating manual tasks. Save time and money by batch uploading spreadsheets. Process regulatory rule changes in an instant. Reduce the risk of manual errors and boost the productivity of your back office.

Binfolio integrations and portfolio analysis

Seamlessly cost-effective

Binfolio® is quick to set up, easy to integrate with legacy systems and has support on call. Lower your total cost of ownership with a single package that optimises performance and delivers operational ROI.

Alexandre Feio

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Alexandre Feio


How Binfolio can help you


Put the most accurate information at your fingertips for portfolio valuation, accounting and reporting. Binfolio® is flexible so you can adapt fast as regulations and internal strategies change.


Be confident that your business meets regulatory requirements. Binfolio® lets you customise business rules, set up alerts and track compliance using safe, secure audit trails.


Binfolio® has been designed for the people who use it. Automate routine tasks, reduce manual errors and improve efficiency with a rich, visual interface and simple user experience.

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Driven by technology, design and business knowledge, we have over 30 years of know-how serving the financial sector. Binfolio® is:

  • used by 20 leading asset management companies worldwide
  • 4th generation software with best-in-class features
  • based on proven Oracle technology developed over 20 years