Case study

How Symetria® simplified AnaCredit reporting for Millennium bcp

Following the introduction of Analytical Credit Dataset (AnaCredit) requirements by the European Central Bank, Millennium bcp needed a solution to guarantee compliance and simplify reporting processes.

When AnaCredit regulations were introduced, Millennium bcp and other leading banks in Portugal had to guarantee compliance with Banco de Portugal’s new central credit register.

Millennium bcp chose Symetria® for its advanced tools that could transform its reporting processes and ensure data met the requirements of this new regulatory framework.

“Symetria offers an integrated view of data and a comprehensive audit to meet new regulatory commitments to transparency across Europe”

Afonso Mota, Executive Director, Novabase

Millennium bcp also chose Symetria® for its risk analysis and management tools that would help the bank with sustained business growth.

“This is a solution optimised for our business which meets the criteria determined by the European Central Bank”

Rui Costa Director of Technical Architecture, Millennium bcp

João Simões

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